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Angelika (Gela) Gallant

Hand Made One-of-a kind Watercolor Paintings  & Ceramic Tree Spirits
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Gela paints in watercolors and offers many colorful selections


Gladiola  -  20 x 28
Sunflowers  -  20 x 28
Key West - Hemingway's Garden  20 x 28


















Prices:  $50.00 to $500.00

Commissioned work for home - office - business - hotels - condo's accepted


Tree Spirits are thought to be friendly beings residing in trees with the noble 
purpose of aiding in personal development by spiritual enlightenment.

The interpretation of the use and meaning of tree spirits has become folkloric, 
as over the centuries different groups have adapted the philosophy to answer questions, satisfy religious requirements and to explain the unexplainable.

On St. Simon’s Island, world famous for “tree spirit” faces actually carved into 
the native oaks themselves, the belief is held that tree spirits protect sailors today 
as well as the sailors who rode in the ships that were carved from those oaks years ago.

In keeping with the widely held, multi-religious and multi-cultural belief that 
trees are symbolic of knowledge and protection, the tree spirits here were designed
and lovingly crafted to enable you, with a touch of whimsy, to be reminded that
we are all connected with other living things in our world.

The artist hopes, that displaying her “Tree Sprits” in or around your home or boat 
(or use your imagination) will help in creating an atmosphere of wisdom, 
protection and harmony.  And if nothing else, conversation.

Call for colors and availablility

About the Artist


Grove City Artist Angelika Gallant (Gela)

Angelika (Gela) Gallant grew up in Germany, lived and traveled throughout Australia and moved to the USA, New Hampshire, in 1977.

After years of “Corporate Life” she decided to go back to basics. 
She took classes in pottery and later owned and operated Silver Lake Pottery 
for 15 years where she worked and taught. Her work is in private collections 
in Australia, Europe, Canada and the United States.

In 1998 she and her husband Alfred (Al) relocated to Grove City, Florida 
where they bought the Grove City Motel which they still own and operate.

The need to create never left and after a few years of working on new gardens 
she decided again to take lessons, this time in watercolor painting at the 
 Englewood Art Center.   The Florida sunshine and the bright colors 
are a constant inspiration to her and are reflected in her paintings.

Beginning of 2007 she could no longer deny her “pottery past” and her 
“Tree Spirits” are a testament to her deep rooted connection to nature. 
Earth -Water – Fire – Wind. They are glazed with minerals and other 
natural components which for her is the true connection from nature to art 
and the foundation of her work.

Her work is displayed at the Art Alliance of Lemon Bay, on Dearborn Street in Englewood, Florida. and at the Grove City Motel.

painted tree spirit artwork by Angelika Gallantse

The Grove City Motel

The Grove City Motel
2555 Placida Road
Englewood, Florida 34224

(941) 474-3436


 Angelika creates Tree Spirit Sculptures.Tree Spirits are thought to be friendly entities residing in trees with
the noble purpose of aiding in personal development by spiritual enlightenment.
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